GOODBYE 2014! Thank you for EVERYTHING

So Facebook, this year, has come out with the video “IT’s been a great year, thanks for being a part of it” and everyone wants to upload it. and Imean it EVERYONE. I can understand. So many of my friends/ people got married, got babies and a whole lot of other (thumbs up) So what about people like me? 2014 was one of my horrible, horrible years, I want to have a Facebook video that says how-not-so-great your year is! No, they are not gonna help me with that. PIGS

I was sitting in my thinking place (my bathroom ofcourse) and I came up with this brilliant number theory. I am going as far as 10 years back (It will be boring, so skip it).

2004-add it-6-good;


2006-8- so-so;





2011-4- good



2014-horrible horrible year

One idiot I knew, talked a lot about patterns. How in life everything falls in a pattern (MY FOOT) So, if his theory is true, probably I can predict the next ten years (I won’t do that)

Anyway coming back to my horrible horrible year. 12 months, I went from pauper to worse than pauper; from love to shitload of crap; from being busy to joblessness; from being happy to depressed, to losing the little self respect that was sticking, to becoming immune to insults, to become suicidal, to coming out stronger than before. These 12 months, will stay with me forever.

One unforgettable year.

I must not forget to mention the sudden trips to new places,tripping, my cute nephew (he was born in 2013 though, exactly one year today), the over-done pilgrimage trips (thanks to my mum), a new venture, my limited days of happiness! Cheers to that 2014!! I will give you that much.That much ONLY

A year of learning, a year of mistakes and a year of experience!

And I am smart enough to never repeat any of it, unless ofcuz when life kicks me in the shins; now that I cannot do anything about.

Bye-bye 2014; I hope never to see you again

P.S Dear life: i do NOT want you to give ME a repeat performance of this year. I hope you understand.


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