early to bed and early to rise, doesnt sedms to exist anymore in my life. Sleep is a good thing. I was quite proud of myself for being a good sleeper. As in, I can sleep anywhere, anytime. nothing stopped me.
something changed (I strongly believee my friend has cast his evil eye on me) insomnia has taken over.
but for my mobile, I am not allowed anyother electronic gadgets (laptop) this late.yes, yes! no tv, no movies 😦
I am surfing the social media, pretty boring with all the weddings and childbirth. instagram, I am not jus up to date, I am up to the minute. I ve read enough national and world news. successfully stalked xs of friends, friends of friends and ofcourse mine. No one seem to be online in whatsapp. okay, I dont hav anything to say also :/ 
finally, I am blogging through my app to  add to my what to do with 4 more hours to kill. I am bored of being bored.
[ blogging thro mobile brings out the worst in me:  punctuations, symbols and spellings and also a really weird blog.]

I have become a true night watcher!!!! 😉
—– 2:25am

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