A signature defines a person. Each one has his own unique way he “signs off”. Of course it is an unique identity, for you will be forging if its similar to anyone else. But how does one know how his signature is going to be?

Many scribble their name weirdly, many draw designs and some others have different signature in different records (which by the way, becomes a big problem) I have this one friend who just writes her name and it is not consistent , so every time she goes to a bank, they have to verify if it is her (long process). Another friend, her dad “taught” her, her signature. Pretty cute, in a way(ya, okay). And there are few others who write a phrase below their signature (you guys should stop doing it).And those who just draw circles all over their name. So when does one actually realize what his signature is? I asked a few people and they told me around college, they happened to “finally” have a signature after all.

I was retrospecting my signature and I cannot believe that from my 10th grade I have been having the same signature. I remember practicing different ways to write my name. People (Adults) kept giving me suggestions on how my signature should be: your name shouldn’t be visible, no dots below, no lines, write your full name, don’t write your full name, don’t put circles or rounds for your life may become zero (seriously???), initials, no initials, no sharp lines and on and on. So much pressure on “signing”. I do not exactly remember when I decided to sign the way I sign but I definitely remember taking into account everything everyone had to say, and I added a few more as well. I wanted my sign to look stylish, a little legible, a little similar to my name but people should be able to figure it out exactly. I was quite thin, and I wanted my signature to not be fat /big (Don’t ask me why, I was a dumb girl) and I did not want it to be girly. Phewwww..I don’t know if anyone thought so much as I did abput signatures back in your teenage. I most definitely did. And to my credit I can proudly say I have the same signature from 14 (big achievement :/).

My signature is neither stylish nor legible, Its thin though 😛 And I guess I like it after all, for I never changed it to anything else.

Now, when someone asks me to sign, MY SIGNATURE is a reflex action. The spine takes care of it after all.

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