The lost art of letter writing

wpid-collage_20150216141707078.jpgRecently I read an article on how WRITING letters hasbecome a thing of the past. Except for official letters, I don’t think “letters” exist anymore. One can obviously blame it  on the technological advances which makes people come closer. Thanks to whatsapp, viber, skype, facebook and every other social and communication platform.
I was planning to write long letters and contemplating to whom I should send it to. Lucky for me, Valentine’s day was around the corner and I decided to write letters for my friends (Meh, no valentine valentine) -postcards atleast.I made these really cute PUNny cards and wrote a few lines along with it. I was all too excited and proud of myself for my brainwave.
And then the post office happened.
I had to wait for 30 minutes in the post office to get a stamp. No, there was no queue. Everyone in the office seem to have lunch at the same time. I do not know if thats how they work. But damn them, it should be changed. Ok, I can wait till people finish eating, its basic manners and respect and I have enough of it. The “stamp-lady”, happened to walk here, there and everywhere; stopped and talked to everyone she sees as if it was the first time  she is seeing them. Then there was this “another counter lady”. I don’t think I ll get dressed the way she was even for my wedding. Well, that’s her choice, I don’t care.  But asking me to wait till she finished gossiping about her neighbour saratha’s daughter getting married to some guy and that they have made it look like an arranged marriage but the girl knew the guy a long time ago.  I waited and listened patiently, their entire conversation and then she finally had the heart to give me the Rs.5 stamp.  Damn that !@t$%
I got so annoyed with the employees there that I really wanted to complain to someone about their irresponsible behaviour and their disrespect for someone’s time. It was not the first time I had to wait over non-sensical issues. Now I completely understand why people prefer working in government companies. They do not have to work.  I wish I could complain, I just don’t know to whom I should and I strongly feel no one would care for the complaint either.
Anyway, I posted my letters, and I started having doubts about the Indian postal system. So I called up my friends and told them I have sent a post and they should probably wait for it. So much for surprises. Two days later, they received the post.
Its nice and thoughtful to do something like this. But then, I guess I will stick to e-mails and Insta messages. Posting letters have too much uncertainity and depending on government agency like THIS will never work for me.

The need to know my mails got delivered at the right place and right time is far more important.  There is a reason why letter writing has become a lost art and pushing it more will not help.


2 thoughts on “The lost art of letter writing

  1. Whatever!!i didn’t get it…u didn’t want to send one to me!!ok I was not der during valentines’s day….atleast a photo of those posts tat you had made for the “other”friends would do!!even tat I didn’t get!!tats the whole point😏😏


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