The Curious Case of Uday Chopra


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Last week, I came across a bit of news that was truly depressing.

No, it was not about India’s show in the Olympics. Neither was it about Aishwarya Rai’s weight. It was something more depressing.

Uday Chopra is apparently dating Nargis Fakri these days.

Those who have watched Rockstar would know who Nargis Fakhri is. Fans of her smoldering hot looks called her ‘Duck Face’ and those who weren’t impressed by her acting called her something that rhymes closely.

But no matter what your opinion, you cannot deny that Nargis Fakhri is undeniably hot.

Which now brings us to the topic of Uday Chopra.

It must be a great pressure to be Uday Chopra. Like Sachin Tendulkar’s son having the cricketing skills of Dodda Ganesh. Son of one of the biggest directors in the industry, family that owns one of the largest ‘camps’ and produces a slew of films every…

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