Cricket fever

Yeah! i got inspired after reading so many blogs about this year’s world cup.   I must, most definitely, share my little association with cricket.  I don’t exactly remember how my love for cricket started. The where and when. But I remember being in love with Rahul dravid forever. It was love at first sight  after I first saw him in the advertisement “Jam Jam Jaaaamy”.

Having a grandfather and father in your house, one will at a very early age know cricket. The deep rooted feeling to please my father probably made me start “developing” an interest or probably the ultra cuteness of Rahul dravid. I fell in love with the game anyway. The 2003 world cup is pretty special to me. There were tarot card readings and I wanted to catch the match right from it. If I remember right, India Vs Pakistan match fell on a saturday and we had special class at my school. My friend and I bunked the class saying my grandma fell off the stairs and started from school to catch the tarot reading. You see I have rotten luck with buses. Buses hate me as much as babies. So we started walking from one bus stop to the next and reached home on foot just in time to miss the tarot readings. India won I guess.

Like every other Indian i followed cricket like a religion.Rahul dravid is my most favorite cricketer, but sachin is the blue eyed boy of India. I’ve never prayed as much as I have for sachin hitting his century and India winning. I lose hope once sachin is out(also my grandad).  I can remember keeping a Rs.1 coin  on the top of the television.You ask me why? Because my mother told me, doing that helps India win. Prayed to break coconuts in ganesh temple if India won or sachin gets his century. I was naive and did my little part to help India win. The world cup finals between India and Australia,2003, were Sachin got out, I bawled my eyes and quoted that as the reason for not studying my annual exam the next day, history exam if I remember right.

i was obsessed with the game. Woke up early and slept late. Read about bouncers and pitches and slips and gully. Confused the offside between football and cricket. And all the questions I had to ask my dad, man… he taught me well and with a lot of patience, i must say ( it was a period of no internet). Cut clippings and kept tabs on all the matches not just the world cup but every god damn tour these guys went. I remember being a fanatic, I rejoiced when pakistan lost. Okay, I still do. But not like how I rejoiced back then (bursting crackers in the middle of the night is just not appreciated by neighbours).  And ofcourse the post match discussions , even if we are knowledgeable or not.  It was truly a great period of time.

Somewhere between all my favourite players leaving the field and me growing up that fervour of following cricket was lost. And the recent add-ons  of format changes in the game did not help. Maybe I don’t like change and I definitely don’t like 20-20 format and still worse is IPL. Go CSk, yeah alright. I do all that, but I do not care much if they win or lose.

I do still follow the news of who wins or who loses the match, probably catch a few good overs now and then. But that’s just about it. I guess, I have grown out of it after all!!

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