O Kadhal Kanmani!!

I know I am not qualified to talk about any Madras talkies productions and romance genre being my not-so-favourite kind of genre adds to my under-qualified state. But being a devout fan of mani ratnam, I guess I can share the joy of  watching OK Kanmani. It was fresh, ‘kothamalli fresh”. Yes, we all know that it was heading for a very happy ending, a little cliched, its Mani sir’s movie after all. But the journey to the happy ending was nothing short of greatness. I drove back home with a big smile plastered on my face, reliving the movie in my mind, again and again. There was this right mix of Naughty-cute love, maybe because of Adi and Tara, maybe because of ARR, or maybe because its Mani Ratnam. Everyone were perfect.

I have always felt Mani ratnam’s heroines, overacted a teeny bit more in most of his movies. If Nitya Menen had over acted , it was drowned in ARR’s magic. I can still here the bgm in my head. It may not be ARR’s magnum opus, but it was perfect. Every song was at the right place and the right time. The songs on its own were great and after seeing its visualisation, all I am able to  do is let out a longggggggg sigh. Hmppppppppppppppffffffff.  If only………

PC Sreeram has done justice to ARR’s bgm and Mani ratnam’s story or vice versa.  The first scene with the train approaching reminded me of “Raja..Rajathi Raja” song and alaipayudhey at the same time. The screenplay waS better than ever, clever delightful and short,  Not too short like the usual, “yaru… surya…enga…marketla..en.. deva”  but more of “numbers ellam correct a thane calculate paninom; unna mari oru payyanoda naan thanginen a nallavala irupena??; kalyanam panaporeengala? iyoo ila” Direct, for those who understood it.

I have so much in my mind and so little words to write. First half of the movie was peppy and cute and bang on and the second half draws you in with more love and thankfully it is not overly sweet as to leave a bad taste in your mouth!! I have to mention Prakash raj and Leela, the definite role model kind of couple and mani ratnam did not complicate it by throwing in some children for them. It was perfect the way it was. Prakash raj(Ganapathy)-Leela(Bhavani) reminded me of the old couple in the movie pudhu pudhu arthangal. Dulquer and Nitya menen complimented each other and it was not a surprise there. Dulquer is a natural.All those who have seen his malyalam movies know what I am talking about. And nitya menen was adorable and  her performance was brilliant. Never moved up or down the scale.

Small cast and great “qualified” acting by each and every one of them.

Mani ratnam-PC sreeram-ARR is a deadly combination. Fatal to a fault that they blow your minds to pieces.  The movie is beautiful and perfect.  I should definitely find synonyms to perfect, because its becoming a little too repetitive. Here goes, faultless, flawless, seamless, unspoiled, picture perfect, just right

This movie gave me the same feeling as one gets when one smells freshly brewed coffee on a cold misty morning.

OK Kanmani- every element in a mani ratnam movie and some more. Thank you for giving us this much after a really long time. I definitely needed a movie like this and I still can’t stop smiling 🙂

Over and out!

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