Home is where the rasam is!!!

I am not a foodie. I believe in eating to live. The only thing that mattered to me for survival were coffee and curd rice. Irrespective of how delicious or bad the food tasted, my quantity of it remained the same. I don’t comment or complain about badly prepared morsels; this great attitude rocketed away to the moon in about three months. Roughly after I joined my hostel.

You see one must give our hostel cook an award. An award to congratulate on preparation of food that has absolutely no taste. I believe there are 6 different type of tastes, after my hostel food, there should be a 7th type, the null.
Potatoes are happy vegetables. Magical even,if i must say. They don’t even have to be cooked to taste good. But you see, our cook, he/she/it sucks the taste from potatoes before serving us and that is how we get tasteless potatoes. This skill set should be awarded.

For all those mothers who think that their child is fussy about food that you give, kindly send them away to a hostel, any hostel. Discussing deeply with fellow inmates (yes, I said inmates) I came to know that hostel food is bad EVERYWHERE. I felt we were special. So mothers, you can send them away to any hostel for about 3-6 months depending on their stubbornness. To the wives with husbands who do not appreciate food, try to get receipe from any cook that cooks in a hostel (There is definitely a secret ingredient, the tastetaker) or send them away to have hostel food for a month. After which, they will love any dish (crap) that you serve.

So here I am, at home, to the surprise and shock of my mom, gave her a list of things to cook for me, because I had an i-don’t-care-much-about-food attitude. I ate what was served by my mum. No demands. But a week from today my only job is getting my dead taste buds into action.
Rasam and potatoes were on the top of my list. (Rasam because my hostel made me lose hope completely, plain water would have sufficed)
Till today, I never knew I craved food so much. I have missed home for a lot of reasons but missing the food is a first. I never knew hunger till I went to that damned place and I blame and thank my mum and dad for feeding me all the time.

RASAM: I love thee. Thou shall forever be my favorite dish (only next to curd though)

I’ve had a sumptuous 3 course meal and 4 mugs of coffee already. LIKE A BOSS!!!

The title is plagiarized from a friend. It was too true to be refrained from using!!!!!

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