Why our politicians need to grow some….self respect

I really try hard to stay away from writing my opinion on politics and politicians and everything in between.

I tried to stay away from “the sticker” campaign, sun tv’s non-sensical coverage of the rain, the ruling party’s crazy statements and posters(I need to write a separate blog on those posters, who designs them anyway!!!?? ) vijaykanth’s vacous, half-witted statements and if I go a little further north we have a whole list of hate campaign, not to forget the media’s coverage of highly unwanted “intolerant” issues. The icing on the cake today is Mr.Arvind Kejriwal, the Hon’ble chief minister of India’s capital.

Ab initio, I thought maybe a government other than the BJP or Congress would do India good.

…and then Kejriwal happened.

Can I be more wrong????

Street politics was Kejriwal’s favorite kind of politics. Now don’t get me wrong, atreet politics is wherein he, the CM and puts up office in the middle of the road. Dharnas and blocks for everything, he made life a living hell for the delhi people; which was already quite miserable thanks to the law and order there. I heard rickshawalas in Delhi banging their head for electing a clown. Thankfully, he resigned and the only reason one can quote is his inability to take charge . He repeatedly told the crowd that he will highlight on why he resigned the first time but there is still nothing from his side on that front. And then the gimmick on him not contesting for re-elections but the party people “forced”him to contest because they BELIEVED only HE can deliver (evlo tamil cinema pathurkom!! silly ) I think the delhi population’s mindset during the elections were similar to that of the americans right now.  Rock-delhi nationals-hard place and so finally he became the CM of Delhi ONCE AGAIN!!!

Delhi, by far, is one of the most unsafe places in India. Being the national capital people are scared to be there. My cousin, two days back, told me she doesn’t wear gold or anything even remotely resembling gold if she has to go to Delhi. No safety for men, women, children, animals, strays, pets and even dustbins. (Yes! i said dustbins.) Such is the governance there and he wants the odd-even plan. It is a great plan but definitely not in a city as unsafe as delhi. Changing the system may make this work; Come January 1st and we shall know how it will turn out to be.

Mr. Kejriwal is one of the most confused politicians I have ever had a chance to read upon. Highly double standard, who cannot accept criticism but a person who rambles away without substantial proof on anyone and anything. A person who is against corruption, but would associate with same corrupt people for funds; someone who lied thro’ his teeth about change and in the end is one amongst the frogs in the well. Hypocrisy!!

He has been quite active on twitter, choosing to talk back to anyone who talks against him andhe just took it up a notch today; that Mr. Kejriwal had to go into twitter and call the Prime Minister a psychopath and a coward reflects very well on our nation and its leaders. For all I care, let the PM be a psychopath, but being a CM Mr.Kejriwal needs to know what he can and cannot speak in social media. Doing cheap politics is not going to win him any brownie points. One can resort to using better language if insulting is the pregorative, british politics for example. Here we are all under the assumption that people who are well read can be better leaders.  I for one did not  expect such idiocy from an IIT graduate, Income tax Officer and a Magsaysay award winner. In the end it proves that money matters and he used Anna Hazare and the Aam Aadmi to fulfil his political ambitions and is now falling back on the social media to further his dreams.

As if sticking stickers on relief materials, watching porn in the parliment, hurling chairs at each other, sleeping in all the important meetings is all not enough, our politicians will have to resort to social media to insult each other as cheaply as possible. Thank you for showing the world that you can be digitally dumb too!!

Food for thought: While I was reading up on Kejriwal, he seems to support Lalu prasad Yadav, TMC and few other politicians; Isnt AAP main agenda is about corruption-free leaders. Just asking?!



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