Its been a while now since I wrote. Here is my first movie review of the year. And I must say it was an extremely well orchestered movie

Last evening I happened to have the chance to watch the movie ‘visaranai’. Usually I read the reviews and if possible the plot even before I watch any movie.( I dont like to be surprised you see)  I missed reading about this movie though. Even before the movie started one of my well learned friend said this movie was not for women, there is too much violence. I am going to ignore the not-for-women-part for now. But violence, that would be a mild way of putting it. To realise that it was based on a true story made it all the more saddening. Installing fear among the inmates by not just physically thrashing them but the wails and shouts of the fellow inmates creates a sense of helplessness and fear. The movie did not just have physical violence, but also had a sense of psychological violence which is far more ruthless.

The system is corrupt. The rich and influential can get away with anything. Money matters and humans are replaceable. The system is a vicious cycle and that is exactly what this movie reminds us.
We do see news like this everyday. The latest being salman khan’s acquittal and the drunk women lawyer in delhi who manged to kill civilians in broad daylight and still got acquitted. (We can argue that atleast salman’s driving happened at night)
Yes, one can say such movies have existed in the past where the rich got away with crimes and the poor has borne the brunt of it. But what makes this movie different? The brutal honesty about the corruption and how the disease has spread its roots so much so that it can even influence honest men. We all are aware of corruption, there are times when we ourselves are party to it. This movie blatantly shows to what extent people push when they are driven by money, power and influence.
To write a book is difficult, bringing such a book to a two hour movie without adding any masala is herculean. The director did not waste any time to plunge into the plot and did not complicate the movie by adding too many characters or twisting it a lot.
The movie is a total winner. But how many would like to watch it through the intense dark and violent scenes is a big question mark. The movie has a superb screenplay,the English is very natural, unlike GVM’s movie lines. Apart from the story, screenplay and direction of the movie which were the actual heroes, the protagonists, antagonists all played their part to perfection.
To sum up, “Adipoli movie”(Malayalam for superb movie)


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