Beyond Beds and Books – Hostel Life

In all these 20 odd years, last year was the first time I’ve stepped into the “hostel” system. I am very apprehensive about a lot of things in life and of course staying in a hostel was there in the list. I would take the effort to entirely blame my apprehension on my parents. They used to say something in the lines of “Ozhunga padikalana hostel la sethuduven” roughly translated to, “If you don’t study well, I will enrol you in a hostel. (They also said  ozhunga padikalana maadu meika anupiruven, which they should have; it being an extremely successful business opportunity, Bad luck! ) So hostels in my mind was more of a prison where disobedient children are sent. I grew up with this notion in my head and that culminating with my choosy food habits, cleaner surroundings (more specifically the washrooms), the inability to woo people with my not-so-awesome personality made me decide I will never fit in such places were sharing is quintessential. When I joined “the B-school” I had absolutely no choice but to opt for a hostel for various reasons from saving travel time to cooking your own food. I stepped into hostel without any other option, dreading it. Yes, DREADING it.

Boy, was I wrong! Little did I know that I would be having the experience of a lifetime. From ghost attacks to midnight birthday celebrations (of course all of us know someone would cut a cake at midnight on your birthday and we are still genuinely surprised and happy for just being around them) to talking till dawn break the philosophy of life (especially when we have exams the next day, we kind of time it like that), the midnight binge eating, the gossips, the pizza nights and what not. On a comparative note, in all these years, I have learnt a lot about myself and people at large this one and half years, for example, I know that I can now survive on “hostel food”, HOSTEL- washrooms, get afraid of dark ghostly figures in every corner,  not get afraid of ghosts because i am too tired and I prefer to sleep than think about ghosts, know that there are really warm people out there, people who are unrelated to you and still care about you so much, that even if you have a fight, a disagreement you end up vouching for each other, that you get to laugh at your shitty life because most of us are in it together and that it is a home away from home because it has the people whom you love and who love you for what you are. I know I will miss it in here and for most part, many of us would share the same thoughts.

P.S : No, I am not leaving the hostel right away! Yes, this post is abruptly right in the middle of the academic year. I am just penning thoughts when I am pensive and No, I am NOT stupid 🙂


Maadu meika- Rear cows




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