Enough said already!



(n) An adult female HUMAN BEING

And that is what we all are, a mere HUMAN BEING

So many blogs, so many articles, so many discussions, so many movies and documentaries all this later we still just keep talking about women and how safe or not they are. JUST TALK ;  I can hear Arnab Goswami’s voice resonating on ‘women’s safety’ after the whole Nirbhaya issue. Many Nirbhaya’s have come and gone after that and still the women of this country feel threatened everytime they step out of the house.

The kind of crap the politicians say and try and pin it on the women saying that a woman get molested and raped and even killed because of her clothes, because she drinks, because she wears high heels, because she goes to work, because of her attitude, because she is a female. “Why go out at night?, thats why people molest you or rape you”. I am not going to go all feminist here but who gets to decide at what time I go out and for what. So if a woman steps out at night, she cannot feel safe, not because of the dogs in the street but because of the humans  out there. People say “learn self defence” so you can protect yourself; should I go and learn martial arts for no joy of mine just because some miscreant is lurking out there. Another one said, take a guy with you for safety! And I have seen movies were gundas beat up the guy and carry the girl. The director’s imagination is all too powerful and I am not sure if it ideated from real life or real life adapts it after seeing it in the movies. Either ways its not right.

Are we teaching our children that its not about gender its about respecting another human being because you exist in the same space as them? Are we telling them  to take NO for an answer? Are we teaching them that boys were blue and girls wear pink? Are, we as parents gender stereotyping our kids or are the big multinational companies responsible for it? Don’t we say to our boys, don’t cry like a girl? So guys think they are stronger and they can’t cry? (Who got this concept of saying crying makes you weaker) But we condemn them when they say don’t act like a p****. So ultimately are the parents to be blamed or the society or the big corporates or the government? Where does all this stem from?  When will the government instil a sense of fear amongst these people who willinlgy go and hurt another human being.I have no answer for any of it. But it hurts. For someone who loves this country and proud to be a part of it, it really hurts to see what is happening around here.

 If I have to travel, I need to buy a pepper spray or a taser just in case. JUST IN CASE. How many men out there carry a pepper spray in their bag? Is this right? How many men have to bother about cameras installed in hotel rooms or changing rooms? How many women feel safe in a room full of men or a crowded bus/train? How many women feel safe when they travel? Speaking for myself, I have not. Everytime I step into a bus or train I am so wary of my surroundings, I check the person opposite to me, behind me, beside me.When I get in an auto or a car, I memorise the number plate, i memorise the face and the name! How many men have put up with insinuating stray comments about their appearance or the lack of it from their superiors or bosses? Most women have to deal with this every damn day.

 I am not sure if this was how it was for a long time and that I am coming to know about it because communication has become all too powerful. Either way perversion is on the rise. And no, I am not talking only about the perversion of men, women are also equally perverted. Men are also molested and raped, though the ratio is smaller. Men are vulnerable to sexual assaults and somehow they never are highlighted as much as the rapes of women, maybe because men don’t come in the open and saying it out loud for the fear of being perceived as weak, but it is very much prevalent.

 I have seen enough and read more than enough of children and women being raped and molested day in and day out. It has become such a common happening; which is not and it is high time the government steps up. No woman must fear bringing another life into this world because of the atrocities of the society. This is one of the millions of post that flood the internet on women and her safety issues. Would this ever stop?

Here is to the feminist in me (and totally not related to the post!)Not all things are ‘man’ made.


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