Perversion – thy name is religion NOW

Which is that religion which says raping is fine? that killing is even better? We go to temples to hope for HOPE, get that god damn olive branch so that we do not lose out on life that easily. But now we can use it as a make shift place to rape little girls and also kill them. And to that guy who performed rituals before raping the girl? what was the ritual for? God give me an erection? And you did to scare the minority off?? You want to whet your perversion and your appetite and thanks to the “WONDER-FUCKING-FUL government, all you had to is to say, “in the name of Hindutva” and everything gets wiped under the rug? Our system is so weak and so corrupt and so so pathetic, that no one seems to bat an eye. Bureaucrats, government officials, government, how much corrupt can you get?. Why would you think you are above the law, above everything else? Because you are a Hindu? A rich Hindu? A muslim? A rich muslim?

Ache Din I Say. Instead of moving forward, we seem to disintegrate from what we actually were? or where we like this all the time and we are just now realizing that?


Just when we think it cannot get lower than UttarPradesh, Jammu happens. How many children/women/family should die before you take action? Aren’t the statistics telling you enough? Why are we not getting any stringent laws? Third world countries have better laws than this for pedophiles and rapists !

Hindu Ekta March – what do you guys even march for and calling these people innocents? They want to make it communal, they want to make it about parties and no one wants to make it about a small girl being raped by pedophiles and most probably necrophiliac and according to reports it took them over 6 hours to just file a charge sheet because of “obvious” reasons

This particular line in an article caused a lump in my throat.

“Before killing her, Deepak (the police officer involved) wanted to rape her for one last time”

I hope and pray, no NOT PRAY, definitely not praying, so much for believing in “God” because “he looks after Us” also I am definitely not wishing him a “Rot in Hell” for these people can bribe their way through hell and probably rape someone/something in hell as well

SO I AM HOPING he be castrated and hung with his one last time or feed him to rats every time.

I wrote an article early on during Nirbhaya rape case and how a BBC reporter said, the rapists did not feel sorry AT ALL, because “She was asking for it, with clothes like that” and what did this child ask for??? Are you going to say, “She is a little girl, she asked for it” ??? Yes, she asked for it, being drugged, being gang-raped inside a temple and her uterus damaged and finally killed.

What’s worse is she was not allowed to be buried in that land. Where the fuck did humanity go? I am reiterating here, which scriptures in Hinduism talk about raping? or killing? or being unkind? But what kind of twisted “Hindu” would choose a temple? Like see I am raping and killing in “front of my God” and he does not care? Was that the reason? Or did they feel like super humans because they had an unconscious little girl at their disposal, that it did not matter to them where they did such heinous activities.

And here I thought “religions” were all about spreading harmony and being better spirited and have values and norms. I guess as you become fanatic, you think you are the religion? Or you can use the fanatics for your perversion.

There is a “celebrity” who poached an endangered species and people ask why should he be jailed for JUST killing an animal? and you think you are a human, a rich human and you are far superior than animals? and you think you are a hindu, a rich hindu at that and so you are far superior? or being a rich MAN puts you right on top of the pyramid or is it you men being the misogynists that you are wanted to feed on a defenseless child?  Did you men keeping thinking of all the ways you will rape that child before you even actually raped her? Wasn’t this the “pre-planning”all about? Or did you men pre-plan to turn it communal because that way you will not be punished, because government?

We, as women have been shouting so much for rights? and no one fucking cares about that 33% you throw at us in the parliament, in a parliament, which is barely functional. We care about laws the WILL ACTUALLY WORK safeguard people (men/women/kids) who are being oppressed physically. We need bills to be passed where people cannot think such monstrosity can be waived away by bribing people in the hierarchy. That punishment is real and it will be served

We need justice and not at the pace the government thinks it can take. We need justice and we need it now. We need it in a way that every man fears to touch a woman without her permission.

P.S : Writing is my only way of ranting. My flow of thoughts and my writing is very erratic and I don’t really care. I bet there are millions like me who feel that we have to do something than just feel bad for a while, write about it and post about in social media. But right now, this is my only way to show my angst