My take on Mr.and Mrs. Iyer

For a few weeks now, I was mulling over on what to write for its been a while since i blogged, bloggers block you can call it, if you may. I just finished watching Mr. and mrs. Iyer for probably the 100th time (I am not counting) Everytime I watch that movie I come up with a different perspective; probably something my mind wants to wants to understand. This time was no different. It struck me again and again how inexperienced and cushioned Meenakshi was. her cloistered upbringing was evident in her caste differentiation, limited friends, early marriage and a secluded guarded life without much knowledge about the harsh realities that exist. Konkana Sen was amazing; she did her south drawl, the big eyes surprise look, the “spashtamana” (thick accented) english was a little far fetched but then again deepika padukone was worse in Chennai express. I do not understand why the hindi filmakers think South Indians have mother tongue influence, especially the tamils. WE DON’T.

The characterisation between the lead roles cannot be more diverse. He was diametrically opposite to all her beliefs and values and Rahul Bose was at ease as always in his role.

I am digressing. I wanted to detail on the immaturity of the heroine’s character, that she could have waited before getting married is so evident (especially because of the bgm “If Only……”)When I had earlier suggested this movie to one of my friends he was pretty irritated at the fact that she was getting attracted to someone other than her husband. In his world, it was a crime, cheating maybe. I couldn’t agree with him back then and I can’t agree with him now.She has been sheltered and raised in a very orthodox manner. It is only natural for her to get attracted to a man who has been with her in dire circumstances, which she surely has not faced in the past.   If the heroine had known the world; as in a little more maturity, a little more life experience then yes, probably one can call her a cheater, an opportunist or any other expletives. But, here in this movie she was a naive young woman.If she had known exactly what she wanted, rather than just loving what was offered to her, there will be no questions of “what if…” One can know atleast to a certain extent what one one wants only when he realises what he doesn’t want.This is applicable from icecreams to husbands.

One should laud the director for the climax when Rahul Bose gives her the the roll from his camera. They accept reality and move on. A train journey to be remembered.

I believe experience, travelling and knowing people is significant. Being in India, especially women for the most part lead a very sheltered life. Agreed, India is definitely not woman friendly when it comes to single women safety but it imperative explore the world before getting hitched for good. Love is important, commitment and responsibilities even more so. But, you never know about yourself or others if you limit your world to a small circle of friends, family and relatives. The world is a big place and if statistics is right, there are over 7 billion people, there is too much to know, too much to learn and to much to comprehend and blinding oneself a little slower might turn out to be the best thing one does for himself.


I love Kamal Haasan but…..

The first look of kabali is all it takes to know what a massive film it is going to be. I am a big time kamal fan. But rajini’s style has been unmatched. I have been one among the many who was irritated and annoyed at the directors and Rajinikanth himself for still running around trees with heroines, saying punch lines because he is superstar; he is better than that. I used to love many of RajiniKanth’s movie back then. Some of the movies were legendary, that no one but him could play that role. To name a few, there is Mullum malarum, and the famous dialogue “கெட்டப் பையன் சார் அவன் ” and Nettrikan’s “சக்கரவர்த்திடா ” , Ninaithaale inikum, 16 vayadhinilae, moondru mudichu, baasha,moondru mugam, annamalai, ejmaan and the list goes on till before his last ten to twelve movies. He is someone who can play the hero and the villain(antagonist) effortlessly, be it avargal, moondru mudichu, chitti in endhiran, and even the small role in chandramkhi and many more. He was remarkable.  Directors and producers did not make him realise his age or his potential and thought his image as a young man should be there forever. It is unfair. Some of us who have loved rajini for his acting, style and dialogue delivery and not just blindly shouted “superstar vazhga” completely lost it. At one point I felt kamal’s movie “Uthama villain” was directed at him.

Each and every one of Rajini’s fan knows what an amazing actor he is. Everytime I have an arguement with a rajini fan( believe me , I’ve had plenty) they support him blindly and underlying all their support is a slight thread of yearning to see a different kind of rajini. This movie would just be that! Seeing the poster of Kabali, I was thinking, என்ன பெரிய Amitabh Bacchan, தலைவர பாருங்கடா. That he is playing his age and that his style and looks ceased nevertheless. For his style, he doesnt have to go under layers of makeup to look young and duet with heroines one-third his age. This would work. This would bring back the actor rajini and not the superstar rajini. If it makes someone like me happy, I can only imagine what it feels to the millions of devout rajini fans out there. I believe Ranjith would deliver what we all hope for.

I am a fervent kamal fan but Rajini will always be the blue eyed boy of the south.

Home is where the rasam is!!!

I am not a foodie. I believe in eating to live. The only thing that mattered to me for survival were coffee and curd rice. Irrespective of how delicious or bad the food tasted, my quantity of it remained the same. I don’t comment or complain about badly prepared morsels; this great attitude rocketed away to the moon in about three months. Roughly after I joined my hostel.

You see one must give our hostel cook an award. An award to congratulate on preparation of food that has absolutely no taste. I believe there are 6 different type of tastes, after my hostel food, there should be a 7th type, the null.
Potatoes are happy vegetables. Magical even,if i must say. They don’t even have to be cooked to taste good. But you see, our cook, he/she/it sucks the taste from potatoes before serving us and that is how we get tasteless potatoes. This skill set should be awarded.

For all those mothers who think that their child is fussy about food that you give, kindly send them away to a hostel, any hostel. Discussing deeply with fellow inmates (yes, I said inmates) I came to know that hostel food is bad EVERYWHERE. I felt we were special. So mothers, you can send them away to any hostel for about 3-6 months depending on their stubbornness. To the wives with husbands who do not appreciate food, try to get receipe from any cook that cooks in a hostel (There is definitely a secret ingredient, the tastetaker) or send them away to have hostel food for a month. After which, they will love any dish (crap) that you serve.

So here I am, at home, to the surprise and shock of my mom, gave her a list of things to cook for me, because I had an i-don’t-care-much-about-food attitude. I ate what was served by my mum. No demands. But a week from today my only job is getting my dead taste buds into action.
Rasam and potatoes were on the top of my list. (Rasam because my hostel made me lose hope completely, plain water would have sufficed)
Till today, I never knew I craved food so much. I have missed home for a lot of reasons but missing the food is a first. I never knew hunger till I went to that damned place and I blame and thank my mum and dad for feeding me all the time.

RASAM: I love thee. Thou shall forever be my favorite dish (only next to curd though)

I’ve had a sumptuous 3 course meal and 4 mugs of coffee already. LIKE A BOSS!!!

The title is plagiarized from a friend. It was too true to be refrained from using!!!!!

What if?

What if my stuffed elephant “ele” (yeah, thats its name) actually was thinking

Here is the point of view from the mind of ele

At the store: Oh!! pick me pick me I dont like this place, I feel caged and I have been sitting here like forever. I want to meet new people and go places. Pick me, choose me, love me!And he is elated once he is picked and paid for.

Yay, he shouts. At home the nice lady who picked me gave me to this really cute girl, but warned her against cuddling me or hugging me. I wonder why??! The little girl is adorable.She named me ele. I guess I like my new name after all. Come to think of it, this name suits me the best. She was an amazingly cute girl, she picked me up with my long nose, dragged me along with her wherever she went. I used to give her rides. she loves going for those rides, obviously she drags me with her feet.She used to feed me food and give me a nice shower from time to time. She never slept hugging me though, and even when she did the mother takes me away from her, breathing problem I believe! if only I could help. I missed her when she was not around. After a few years they kept me in a showcase,i felt sad. Seems she became a big girl and doesnt want to play with me. She had new friends, or that is what I thought.

One fine day, she picked me up and hugged me and cried so much. I have never seen her cry that hard. For all I know, she was such a strong person. I gave her my trunk and my little feet and made her hold me till she finished crying after sometime she started talking to me, just like the old days and then I guess she felt fine for she stopped crying. From then on, I was not there on that stupid showcase. I was free. She picks me up and takes me with her and talks to me, i think she hears it when i answer her back for she smiles and says she she feels good that she has me.She is so possessive about me that she doesn’t share me with her niece or nephew. It makes me feel loved and proud. I miss her and I know she misses me! We have a great time when we are together. Now, she is far faar away and I cant wait to meet her again.

Its just going to be the good old times once she comes home.

O Kadhal Kanmani!!

I know I am not qualified to talk about any Madras talkies productions and romance genre being my not-so-favourite kind of genre adds to my under-qualified state. But being a devout fan of mani ratnam, I guess I can share the joy of  watching OK Kanmani. It was fresh, ‘kothamalli fresh”. Yes, we all know that it was heading for a very happy ending, a little cliched, its Mani sir’s movie after all. But the journey to the happy ending was nothing short of greatness. I drove back home with a big smile plastered on my face, reliving the movie in my mind, again and again. There was this right mix of Naughty-cute love, maybe because of Adi and Tara, maybe because of ARR, or maybe because its Mani Ratnam. Everyone were perfect.

I have always felt Mani ratnam’s heroines, overacted a teeny bit more in most of his movies. If Nitya Menen had over acted , it was drowned in ARR’s magic. I can still here the bgm in my head. It may not be ARR’s magnum opus, but it was perfect. Every song was at the right place and the right time. The songs on its own were great and after seeing its visualisation, all I am able to  do is let out a longggggggg sigh. Hmppppppppppppppffffffff.  If only………

PC Sreeram has done justice to ARR’s bgm and Mani ratnam’s story or vice versa.  The first scene with the train approaching reminded me of “Raja..Rajathi Raja” song and alaipayudhey at the same time. The screenplay waS better than ever, clever delightful and short,  Not too short like the usual, “yaru… surya…enga…marketla..en.. deva”  but more of “numbers ellam correct a thane calculate paninom; unna mari oru payyanoda naan thanginen a nallavala irupena??; kalyanam panaporeengala? iyoo ila” Direct, for those who understood it.

I have so much in my mind and so little words to write. First half of the movie was peppy and cute and bang on and the second half draws you in with more love and thankfully it is not overly sweet as to leave a bad taste in your mouth!! I have to mention Prakash raj and Leela, the definite role model kind of couple and mani ratnam did not complicate it by throwing in some children for them. It was perfect the way it was. Prakash raj(Ganapathy)-Leela(Bhavani) reminded me of the old couple in the movie pudhu pudhu arthangal. Dulquer and Nitya menen complimented each other and it was not a surprise there. Dulquer is a natural.All those who have seen his malyalam movies know what I am talking about. And nitya menen was adorable and  her performance was brilliant. Never moved up or down the scale.

Small cast and great “qualified” acting by each and every one of them.

Mani ratnam-PC sreeram-ARR is a deadly combination. Fatal to a fault that they blow your minds to pieces.  The movie is beautiful and perfect.  I should definitely find synonyms to perfect, because its becoming a little too repetitive. Here goes, faultless, flawless, seamless, unspoiled, picture perfect, just right

This movie gave me the same feeling as one gets when one smells freshly brewed coffee on a cold misty morning.

OK Kanmani- every element in a mani ratnam movie and some more. Thank you for giving us this much after a really long time. I definitely needed a movie like this and I still can’t stop smiling 🙂

Over and out!

Komban- wow what a movie!!!!

வாவ் வாவ் வாவ் என்ன அருமையான படம் கொம்பன். ஏதோ ஒரு நல்லவன் சொன்னான், கமலின் தேவர்மகன், ரஜினியின் எஜமான் மாதிரி கார்த்திக்கு கொம்பனாம். அவன் மட்டும் என் கைலா சிக்ககூடாது. அப்படி என்ன கதை, ஏன் எல்லாரும் கழுவி கழுவி ஊத்தறாங்கன்னு சந்தேகம் வரும். இதோ படத்தின் கதை. கொம்பன்ன பாத்தியா  அடி வாங்கிக்க, கொம்பன்னுக்கு opposite  அ போறிய அடி வாங்கிக்க , அடே கொம்பன்  படத்துல்ல இருக்கியா, அடிவாங்கிக்க . இந்த படத்தோட ஸ்பெஷலிட்டி என்ன தெரியுமா? ஒவ்வொரு frame லயும் , கார்த்தி அவரோட bulging biceps and அவரோட toned  thighs  அ காமிக்கறது தான்.

இன்னும் எவ்ளோ படம் இப்படி எடுப்பீங்க, இதோ கொம்பன் இன் எ நுட்ஷெல் ,
சண்டை, லவ் சாங், சண்டை, சாங்,சண்டை, சண்டை, சண்டை,சண்டை, சண்டை.  கொம்பன் மற்றும் கொம்பன் சார்ந்த படங்களின் ஸ்பெஷலிட்டி,
1. பட்டாபட்டி டௌசெர்
2.தொடை தெரியரமாரி/ பட்டாபட்டி டௌசெர் தெரியரமாரி வேஷ்டி கட்டுதல்.
3. பெரிய மீசை.(தேவர்மகன், நாட்டாமை, சிங்கம், விருமாண்டி, all  village  based  movies)
4.திருநெல்வேலி பாஷை .அது திருநெல்வேலியா, தூத்துக்குடியானு எனக்கு தெரியல.
5. ஒரு விஷயம் சொல்லியே ஆகணும்,பாட்டாளி படத்துலையே காய்ச்சல் வந்தா ஜலபுலஜன்க்ஸ் நடக்கும்ன்னு எங்களுக்கு தெரியும்,பிரியமானவளே படமும் பாத்தாச்சு . We know what happens when the heroine/hero has fever 😉 சோறு தின்ன தெம்பு இல்லையாம்…………….
6.சினிமால சண்டையா  இல்ல சண்டைல சினிமாவா?
7. bad  looking  villains . ஏன்? city  story ல வில்லன்கள் 6 packs  வச்சு செம்மையா இருக்கலாம் அனா village  வில்லன்கள் கேவலமா தான் இருக்கணுமா?
8. ஸ்க்ரன்ப்ளே வொர்ஸ்ட். நடுல நடுல மானே தேனே பொன்மானே நு போடுங்க boss , எப்போ பாரு ஒரே விதமான dialogues. last but not the least
9.laksmi  menon face. எல்லா படங்களிலும் எப்படி ஒரே மாதிரி expression/expressionless அ இருக்க முடியுது? ஏம்மா இப்படி பண்றீங்களேமா
தொடை தெரியறமாறி  அடிக்கறதுன்னு போட்டி ராஜ் கிரண்ணுகும் கார்த்திக்கும் வெச்சா, நான் கண்டிப்பா ராஜ் கிரன்னுக்கு தான் support பன்னுவேன்;அவர் அந்த காலத்துலயே தொடை அடியில் வல்லவர்!! ஓல்ட் இஸ் கோல்ட்.  MY CHOICE 
I personally think karthi has spoofed surya! the singham like meesai, the jumping and slapping fight sequence and the irrelevant punch lines. Rag your brother at home. I believe karthi is a great actor and he should stop choosing movies that are this lame and has absolutely nothing. Okay, no one wants a great story, but you should give something to the audience!!நாங்க பாவம். I am not a big movie buff, or even entitled to talk about nuances in cinema. But this movie is a complete rip off and I cannot help writing about it.
ஏன் இப்படி தமிழ் english மாறி மாறி கேவலமா எழுதிற்கேனன்னு திமிறு தனமா kekravangallukulam ஒரே பதில் தான்.விஜய் டிவில தமிழ்  கமெண்டரி கொடுத்தா கேப்பீங்க, நாங்கலாம் எழதினா படிக்கமாடீன்களா? MY CHOICE
ஸ்பெல்லிங் மிச்டகேஸ் ஐ  மண்ணிக்கவும். 

I’m a woman…

Yes!! this post is a resonance of how sadomasochist a rapist can be. The government may ban the documentary, but its not the documentary that must be shunned. The government should be ashamed of itself for allowing such men to live long enough to speak whatever crap they need. YES, I agree that he was given the death penalty. Why is he still not dead??? Such ruthless, insenitive and a heartless swine should have died long ago.What is the use of him in jail, when he still feels he has not wronged. Why is he not castrated? There MIGHT BE THOUSANDS of others who rape and feel exactly the same way he did.WITHOUT ANY REMORSE. Is it not the government’s responsibility to instil the fear in them? To make those slimes atleast realise what wrong they have done! Leslee Udwin must have asked if he would have done the same thing to his mother or his daughter if she went out at night. Probably men like him would rape the mothers and sisters and daughters too. She is a girl too, and in his own words, she is responsible. Only the flesh matters. Does’nt it?

I am filled with nothing but rage to see the man still alive and is given a chance to speak so much filth. Does he think himself as a hero, because he is on television, because he brutally gang-raped a girl, because he forced himself on someone!?

A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy”, he said. Is she????So what does he have to say for the 3 year old and 4 year old getting raped? GIRLS are responsible, because they are girls. Aren’t they.

When being raped, she shouldn’t fight back. She should just be silent and allow the rape. Then they’d have dropped her off after ‘doing her’, and only hit the boy,” he said. 

To the government and all those who are responsible for the ban and those of you who said the BBC documentary has hurt India’s Pride!! Did the documentary hurt, or did this pervert’s shameless attitude did? Shouldn’t he be given punishment of the highest degree IMMEDIATELY?

A chill ran down my spine when I read this god damn article, especially when he continues saying “The death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. Now when they rape, they won’t leave the girl like we did. They will kill her. Before, they would rape and say, ‘Leave her, she won’t tell anyone.’ Now when they rape, especially the criminal types, they will just kill the girl. Death.”

So the goverment instead of instilling a fear among the rapists, has fed them enough to make sure that India remains unsafe forever.

BBC did not shame India, nor hurt India’s pride.Giving men like him time to be alive and not allowed to rot has hurt India’s pride.

I love India, I am a loyalist and a patriot.

More than that, I am a woman and I am scared to live in this country. I do not feel safe in my own country and I am scared to bring children into this world.

WE are harassed by men every single day, the ogling, the cat calls, the advantage they take because they have a dick, the dirty shit that comes out of their mouth EVERYWHERE. Is it not enough?? I feel ashamed to even say that a land which is supposed to be rich in culture and has forever hailed women has sunken knee deep in shit. One cannot see so many women deities as you see in India. We say SHAKTHI is a woman and still, every twenty minutes, a girl is raped in India. Is this the kind of statistics that we need?! Is the government not responsible for this. Doesn’t the goverment know justice delayed, is justice denied? WHy let THEM live?  Giving 33% or even 50% in the assembly wont change this attitude.

WE need to step out of the house without fear. WE need to NOT cringe because of men. WE need a safe place for our daughters. WE need to live rather than just survive. WE need to know that punishment in India will be severe for those who have wronged its women, and to top it all WE need a better India for women to LIVE

Bharath MAATHA ki jai!!