My take on Mr.and Mrs. Iyer

For a few weeks now, I was mulling over on what to write for its been a while since i blogged, bloggers block you can call it, if you may. I just finished watching Mr. and mrs. Iyer for probably the 100th time (I am not counting) Everytime I watch that movie I come up with a different perspective; probably something my mind wants to wants to understand. This time was no different. It struck me again and again how inexperienced and cushioned Meenakshi was. her cloistered upbringing was evident in her caste differentiation, limited friends, early marriage and a secluded guarded life without much knowledge about the harsh realities that exist. Konkana Sen was amazing; she did her south drawl, the big eyes surprise look, the “spashtamana” (thick accented) english was a little far fetched but then again deepika padukone was worse in Chennai express. I do not understand why the hindi filmakers think South Indians have mother tongue influence, especially the tamils. WE DON’T.

The characterisation between the lead roles cannot be more diverse. He was diametrically opposite to all her beliefs and values and Rahul Bose was at ease as always in his role.

I am digressing. I wanted to detail on the immaturity of the heroine’s character, that she could have waited before getting married is so evident (especially because of the bgm “If Only……”)When I had earlier suggested this movie to one of my friends he was pretty irritated at the fact that she was getting attracted to someone other than her husband. In his world, it was a crime, cheating maybe. I couldn’t agree with him back then and I can’t agree with him now.She has been sheltered and raised in a very orthodox manner. It is only natural for her to get attracted to a man who has been with her in dire circumstances, which she surely has not faced in the past.   If the heroine had known the world; as in a little more maturity, a little more life experience then yes, probably one can call her a cheater, an opportunist or any other expletives. But, here in this movie she was a naive young woman.If she had known exactly what she wanted, rather than just loving what was offered to her, there will be no questions of “what if…” One can know atleast to a certain extent what one one wants only when he realises what he doesn’t want.This is applicable from icecreams to husbands.

One should laud the director for the climax when Rahul Bose gives her the the roll from his camera. They accept reality and move on. A train journey to be remembered.

I believe experience, travelling and knowing people is significant. Being in India, especially women for the most part lead a very sheltered life. Agreed, India is definitely not woman friendly when it comes to single women safety but it imperative explore the world before getting hitched for good. Love is important, commitment and responsibilities even more so. But, you never know about yourself or others if you limit your world to a small circle of friends, family and relatives. The world is a big place and if statistics is right, there are over 7 billion people, there is too much to know, too much to learn and to much to comprehend and blinding oneself a little slower might turn out to be the best thing one does for himself.



O Kadhal Kanmani!!

I know I am not qualified to talk about any Madras talkies productions and romance genre being my not-so-favourite kind of genre adds to my under-qualified state. But being a devout fan of mani ratnam, I guess I can share the joy of  watching OK Kanmani. It was fresh, ‘kothamalli fresh”. Yes, we all know that it was heading for a very happy ending, a little cliched, its Mani sir’s movie after all. But the journey to the happy ending was nothing short of greatness. I drove back home with a big smile plastered on my face, reliving the movie in my mind, again and again. There was this right mix of Naughty-cute love, maybe because of Adi and Tara, maybe because of ARR, or maybe because its Mani Ratnam. Everyone were perfect.

I have always felt Mani ratnam’s heroines, overacted a teeny bit more in most of his movies. If Nitya Menen had over acted , it was drowned in ARR’s magic. I can still here the bgm in my head. It may not be ARR’s magnum opus, but it was perfect. Every song was at the right place and the right time. The songs on its own were great and after seeing its visualisation, all I am able to  do is let out a longggggggg sigh. Hmppppppppppppppffffffff.  If only………

PC Sreeram has done justice to ARR’s bgm and Mani ratnam’s story or vice versa.  The first scene with the train approaching reminded me of “Raja..Rajathi Raja” song and alaipayudhey at the same time. The screenplay waS better than ever, clever delightful and short,  Not too short like the usual, “yaru… surya…enga…marketla..en.. deva”  but more of “numbers ellam correct a thane calculate paninom; unna mari oru payyanoda naan thanginen a nallavala irupena??; kalyanam panaporeengala? iyoo ila” Direct, for those who understood it.

I have so much in my mind and so little words to write. First half of the movie was peppy and cute and bang on and the second half draws you in with more love and thankfully it is not overly sweet as to leave a bad taste in your mouth!! I have to mention Prakash raj and Leela, the definite role model kind of couple and mani ratnam did not complicate it by throwing in some children for them. It was perfect the way it was. Prakash raj(Ganapathy)-Leela(Bhavani) reminded me of the old couple in the movie pudhu pudhu arthangal. Dulquer and Nitya menen complimented each other and it was not a surprise there. Dulquer is a natural.All those who have seen his malyalam movies know what I am talking about. And nitya menen was adorable and  her performance was brilliant. Never moved up or down the scale.

Small cast and great “qualified” acting by each and every one of them.

Mani ratnam-PC sreeram-ARR is a deadly combination. Fatal to a fault that they blow your minds to pieces.  The movie is beautiful and perfect.  I should definitely find synonyms to perfect, because its becoming a little too repetitive. Here goes, faultless, flawless, seamless, unspoiled, picture perfect, just right

This movie gave me the same feeling as one gets when one smells freshly brewed coffee on a cold misty morning.

OK Kanmani- every element in a mani ratnam movie and some more. Thank you for giving us this much after a really long time. I definitely needed a movie like this and I still can’t stop smiling 🙂

Over and out!

The heroes, villains and their arm candy

Like most people I too have a smartphone. And like most people I like gaming. Where am I going with this- I am telling the sequence of events that inspired me to write this post.

So I was there checking for good games. Killing-gangster kind of insanely addictive games with more hours to kill (literally and figuratively) So I was reading reviews, seeing pictures et cetera et cetera  and suddenly I see this particular game that has girls in it. Now one might think the girl is the gangster or something in the lines of it. But in the game they (the girls with irritating outfits) were arm candy for the gangster hero/boss or henchman or whomever. And then it dawned on me that these people have not left even games alone. I am not talking feminist. There are many brilliant action movies with female protagonists. What I am talking about is the many gangster/spy/action movies the women in it are hot as hell and they are either evil, as in the spy from the villain side seducing the hero people or a femme fatale who ends up hopelessly in love with the bad boy (of course he is the hero) or a moll. And again I am emphasizing that they are all hot as hell and definite skimpy clothes. My question is why is it so? They really don’t need a soft side, they are gangsters after all. Killing for a living.

When it comes to spy movies, its even absurd. Of course I enjoy bond movies for the gadgets, the light-vein storyline (that heroes are winners) and last but not the least the bond girls. There is always steamy kiss scenes and a much more action scenes involving bond saving the girl, who by the way had no purpose to be there. Yes, this arm candy, femme fatale thing is a definite crowd puller. No doubt. But I think its about time it should be a thing of the past and there should be hell a lot of more action in such movies. One can go to rom-coms for the hot chicks. And the theory of good girls falling in love with bad  boys is a cliche.Hollywood action movies  at least have rhyme and reason for their arm candy.

I can’t finish the blog without actually talking about bollywood (hindi movies) and kollywood (tamil movies- and I am never talking about the telugu film industry) Every villain does have a girl with really really skimpy clothes with him ( and no tamil or hindi cinema is without a villain who shouts AAAAYYYEEE and profanity is must and the words are beeped..beep beep beep) The girl doesn’t need to act. She just needs to fit in clothes that are two sizes small and stand next to the villain and give a sort of look. The look by itself is incomprehensible. But I assume she was probably going for a sultry bedroom eyes and I am the boss’s candy kind but its downright disgusting look. If I said cliche for hollywood movies then indian movies in this genre is 10 powered cliche. The plot is simple. hero-heroine-friend-villain-villain arm candy-villain bodyguards-villain disturbs life of hero’s someone important. Hero takes revenge, villain strikes back and again hero strikes  and finally the hero wins. Ofcourse there is always the best friend who dies (bros before whores is a must dialogue) and the hero’s gf/wife/arm candy is supremely cute.

Cliched power 10. Women can do better. I hope. And villains can do even better without the bad dames. Don’t spoil the gaming public by taking this whole gangster/action movie thing to a whole new level.

P.S : I saw too many bad movies and I have no where else to go lament