C is for Chutiya ?? 

‘Chutiya’ – In the past one month, i would have heard this word over a thousand times. No kidding there with the number; so much so that I have to literally pull myself out of that ZONE. Well, in all honesty i am A TAMILIAN and i do not know HINDI and after 3 months associated with a few people, i decided i am better of knowing only what i know. Very recently i learnt that ‘Chutiya’ is the hindi word for Vagina. And according to some answers in quora, it means a cunthead which literally means a fool? Offensive much ?

I may sound naive and ignorant here but i do not understand the attraction, if i may call it that, of men calling each other vagina in all their regional languages !

I want to know why being called a vagina is an expletive !?  Does it mean you are as good as a vagina? As strong as a vagina? Resilient, maybe? Or as wanted as a vagina? Now there are other expletives,  this fucker, that fucker, mother fucker, behen chod aka sister fucker again because people think its morally wrong ? Then GoT should have more haters and moral policing ! I am digressing, that’s a story for a different day !  As a good friend pointed out, there is ofcourse “fucking good/bad”, aren’t they expletives too?  Yes, I guess. In all probablity maybe it is a person’s comparison to their own coitus which is their benchmark in life. I definitely feel sad if that’s the case.

So about chutiyas, the feminist in me is much more offended because you compare balls, which presumably is extremely sensitive, as power; and vagina which has a lot more resilience, as an expletive. When someone is going to say you have the balls, I think thats when people should feel ashamed. No? I don’t know !! But what i did realise is the influence of patriarchy even when one is swearing !! Most of the words that are commonly used to swear somehow has the feminine gender involved. it sickens me to know that body parts especially that of women should be used as profanity. It is hypocritical of a heterosexual man / woman to speak that way. Maybe people do talk about male genitals/gender too as a swear word and I am ignorant about it and in this case, ignorance is bliss !

I have sworn more than my fair share and I did not feel bad until yesterday. The constant use of derogatory terms gives a very negative, unhealthy environment to be in and that toxicity affects you. It definitely affected me ! And this post is a vent for me. I did my bit of research to search for the etymology of these words, google was not a lot of help. But, I did find out that fuck  actually has a germanic origin. Chutiya was very hard to find, but I found something on pussy, which pretty much is used the same way as that of chutiya. Click on the link here . What i couldn’t find  or understand as to why these words are used as derogatory terms. Many have the same question but not a clear answer.

At 5’2″ I always wonder how the world looks for tall people; It will always, always baffle me. Likewise, men calling each other chutiyas aka vagina because they are friendly or because they are annoyed and degrading women by making it an expletive will remain a mystery to me.

P.S : To whomsoever reading this post, if you are used to using expletives extensively, think for a minute if everyone around you are comfortable to hearing all that from you and if you are okay when others use them on you !

We are all called cultured for a reason !


What if?

What if my stuffed elephant “ele” (yeah, thats its name) actually was thinking

Here is the point of view from the mind of ele

At the store: Oh!! pick me pick me I dont like this place, I feel caged and I have been sitting here like forever. I want to meet new people and go places. Pick me, choose me, love me!And he is elated once he is picked and paid for.

Yay, he shouts. At home the nice lady who picked me gave me to this really cute girl, but warned her against cuddling me or hugging me. I wonder why??! The little girl is adorable.She named me ele. I guess I like my new name after all. Come to think of it, this name suits me the best. She was an amazingly cute girl, she picked me up with my long nose, dragged me along with her wherever she went. I used to give her rides. she loves going for those rides, obviously she drags me with her feet.She used to feed me food and give me a nice shower from time to time. She never slept hugging me though, and even when she did the mother takes me away from her, breathing problem I believe! if only I could help. I missed her when she was not around. After a few years they kept me in a showcase,i felt sad. Seems she became a big girl and doesnt want to play with me. She had new friends, or that is what I thought.

One fine day, she picked me up and hugged me and cried so much. I have never seen her cry that hard. For all I know, she was such a strong person. I gave her my trunk and my little feet and made her hold me till she finished crying after sometime she started talking to me, just like the old days and then I guess she felt fine for she stopped crying. From then on, I was not there on that stupid showcase. I was free. She picks me up and takes me with her and talks to me, i think she hears it when i answer her back for she smiles and says she she feels good that she has me.She is so possessive about me that she doesn’t share me with her niece or nephew. It makes me feel loved and proud. I miss her and I know she misses me! We have a great time when we are together. Now, she is far faar away and I cant wait to meet her again.

Its just going to be the good old times once she comes home.