No my dear friends I am not writing about a bar that is called scroll bar. But its a nice name for a bar. “The Scroll Bar”. We are talking about the actual scrollbar here. A little googling told me that scroll bar, is actually scrollbar(no spaces) and it dates back to 1974.  Why this interest in scrollbar suddenly. Well, my life is being taken up by me hovering over the damned scrollbar almost everywhere and in its absence, the swipe (no I am not swiping right).

Well, lets start with amazon and flipkart. I love to shop online. Atleast “window” shop, so there starts my scrolling. Going through page after page of utterly useless not so needed items and zeroing on some of the most banal shit one could possibly get. Next would ne facebook, I am the lurky stalker; checking out the social media outbursts scrolling so much so the page freezes. Then there is Tamil Matrimony scroll/swipe/scroll/swipe/scroll.  I have read in posts that social media affects one’s self esteem and all that is evil. But its wholesome manifestation is through the ‘Matrimony’ app. Pardon me, for I am talking only for myself here. Too many happily married will have too many reasons to say I am wrong. Then ofcourse there is whatsapp, I had absolutely no idea what to do when whatsapp decided to remove the status. Yes, like everyone else, I scroll through the status. Whatte a timepass; Whatsapp did bring back balance in this world by reinstating it.

Instagram now has become the one stop shop for all my stalking and shopping needs. So its my facebook replacement. The latest addition to all these scrolling and the trigger for this lame post is a website called “Sulekha”. Annoying piece of whatever that it irks the whatever out of me. Pages and pages and pages of searching for a little place to say is totally in vain and scrolling through the pages makes me lose it completely.

There are no carefully worded conclusion for this post. These are rantings of a woman who has succumbed to the addiction of leafing through pages and pages and not finding what she wants, the reason simply being she doesnt exactly know what she wants and also has too much data and too much time on her hands.

Dobby is not free, Master has to give dobby a sock



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