I love Kamal Haasan but…..

The first look of kabali is all it takes to know what a massive film it is going to be. I am a big time kamal fan. But rajini’s style has been unmatched. I have been one among the many who was irritated and annoyed at the directors and Rajinikanth himself for still running around trees with heroines, saying punch lines because he is superstar; he is better than that. I used to love many of RajiniKanth’s movie back then. Some of the movies were legendary, that no one but him could play that role. To name a few, there is Mullum malarum, and the famous dialogue “கெட்டப் பையன் சார் அவன் ” and Nettrikan’s “சக்கரவர்த்திடா ” , Ninaithaale inikum, 16 vayadhinilae, moondru mudichu, baasha,moondru mugam, annamalai, ejmaan and the list goes on till before his last ten to twelve movies. He is someone who can play the hero and the villain(antagonist) effortlessly, be it avargal, moondru mudichu, chitti in endhiran, and even the small role in chandramkhi and many more. He was remarkable.  Directors and producers did not make him realise his age or his potential and thought his image as a young man should be there forever. It is unfair. Some of us who have loved rajini for his acting, style and dialogue delivery and not just blindly shouted “superstar vazhga” completely lost it. At one point I felt kamal’s movie “Uthama villain” was directed at him.

Each and every one of Rajini’s fan knows what an amazing actor he is. Everytime I have an arguement with a rajini fan( believe me , I’ve had plenty) they support him blindly and underlying all their support is a slight thread of yearning to see a different kind of rajini. This movie would just be that! Seeing the poster of Kabali, I was thinking, என்ன பெரிய Amitabh Bacchan, தலைவர பாருங்கடா. That he is playing his age and that his style and looks ceased nevertheless. For his style, he doesnt have to go under layers of makeup to look young and duet with heroines one-third his age. This would work. This would bring back the actor rajini and not the superstar rajini. If it makes someone like me happy, I can only imagine what it feels to the millions of devout rajini fans out there. I believe Ranjith would deliver what we all hope for.

I am a fervent kamal fan but Rajini will always be the blue eyed boy of the south.


MADRAS- the movie

watched a movie tonight,  “madras” in madras. well I m not a great movie critic to criticize it. but there were moments in tht movie which was too much like reality. Be it the fight scenes or the language or the few romance scenes. somehow there was too much reality in it to let it pass. I am someone who prefers action to romance anyday and I still enjoyed those tiny details in those romance (ofcuz the choice of heroine could have been better. she try too hard to act. All in vain) But I should give it to the director to actually give light to the adage “bros before w$***$”.
one more story for friendship and a very thinly veiled storyline. music director “kathukita motha vithayum erukirkaaru, nalla tuning la irukaaru”.