My take on Mr.and Mrs. Iyer

For a few weeks now, I was mulling over on what to write for its been a while since i blogged, bloggers block you can call it, if you may. I just finished watching Mr. and mrs. Iyer for probably the 100th time (I am not counting) Everytime I watch that movie I come up with a different perspective; probably something my mind wants to wants to understand. This time was no different. It struck me again and again how inexperienced and cushioned Meenakshi was. her cloistered upbringing was evident in her caste differentiation, limited friends, early marriage and a secluded guarded life without much knowledge about the harsh realities that exist. Konkana Sen was amazing; she did her south drawl, the big eyes surprise look, the “spashtamana” (thick accented) english was a little far fetched but then again deepika padukone was worse in Chennai express. I do not understand why the hindi filmakers think South Indians have mother tongue influence, especially the tamils. WE DON’T.

The characterisation between the lead roles cannot be more diverse. He was diametrically opposite to all her beliefs and values and Rahul Bose was at ease as always in his role.

I am digressing. I wanted to detail on the immaturity of the heroine’s character, that she could have waited before getting married is so evident (especially because of the bgm “If Only……”)When I had earlier suggested this movie to one of my friends he was pretty irritated at the fact that she was getting attracted to someone other than her husband. In his world, it was a crime, cheating maybe. I couldn’t agree with him back then and I can’t agree with him now.She has been sheltered and raised in a very orthodox manner. It is only natural for her to get attracted to a man who has been with her in dire circumstances, which she surely has not faced in the past.   If the heroine had known the world; as in a little more maturity, a little more life experience then yes, probably one can call her a cheater, an opportunist or any other expletives. But, here in this movie she was a naive young woman.If she had known exactly what she wanted, rather than just loving what was offered to her, there will be no questions of “what if…” One can know atleast to a certain extent what one one wants only when he realises what he doesn’t want.This is applicable from icecreams to husbands.

One should laud the director for the climax when Rahul Bose gives her the the roll from his camera. They accept reality and move on. A train journey to be remembered.

I believe experience, travelling and knowing people is significant. Being in India, especially women for the most part lead a very sheltered life. Agreed, India is definitely not woman friendly when it comes to single women safety but it imperative explore the world before getting hitched for good. Love is important, commitment and responsibilities even more so. But, you never know about yourself or others if you limit your world to a small circle of friends, family and relatives. The world is a big place and if statistics is right, there are over 7 billion people, there is too much to know, too much to learn and to much to comprehend and blinding oneself a little slower might turn out to be the best thing one does for himself.



To: Mani Ratnam; From: An ardent fan

” Dear Mani Ratnam Sir,

I do not know if you will ever come across this post. My bet, you never will. I was not able to locate your mail id and hence I thought its best to put my thoughts at least here. I am one among the millions of people who love your movies. Your narration, your style, your artist selection, the screenplay, the body language and the dressing sense of your artists, the heroes especially.

(I need to right a separte blog on the crisp white shirts, khaki pants, the white/yellow shirt-blue jean combinations.)

The first time I watched “Alaipayuthey”, I was a little girl. A very little girl, who had no idea what love was. Not that I really know it now. But I was at an age were I dint know “love” existed and at that tender age I fell in love with that movie. God knows what I understood, for I cant remember any of it. All I know is that I loved the movie from the first time I saw it and everytime since then. I am not a hopless romantic, I have two feet firmly on the ground and I am a non-believer of the happily-ever-after. But sometimes after seeing your movies, you plant a seed of doubt in my mind.

You weave magic when it comes to romance. That kind of simple narration in mouna raagam between manohar-divya, the unravelling of romance between rishi-madhu in roja, the grace and charm of kamal in nayagan, eventhough love in that movie lasted for just one song, rajinikanth in thalabathy, I have always wondered which was better the love between surya-subbu or the subtle acceptance between surya-padma, and it would be unfair if I do not talk talk about Arvindswamy and kushboo in alaipayuthey. Probably they would have had a screen time of 5-10 mins max. They had an amazing screen presence. To bring out that kind of understanding in married couple, be it in alaipayuthey, Anjali, Bombay Guru and I can go on, it kind of tugs my heart. You sir, have set high standards for girls like me, of what to expect from guys, be it a boyfriend and/or a husband. Deep down, probably that is what I am searching for in every guy I meet. I am not sure.

Yes, there are innumerable number of love stories in Indian Cinema and directors/writers who has given nothing but greatness, especially in the past.But today,inclusive of your latest movies, romance has become too cliched. Somewhere in the middle, you lost your midas-touch or maybe I just grew up or maybe, my mind is two decades older than what my actual age is and I crave for a simplicity in love rather than an urgency. But

I know for a fact that you can once again bring a freshness to romance on screen. I would love to watch a movie like the ones’ you made a decade or two ago. Tamil cinema needs better love stories and who can do a better job if not you.

Probably a sequel to Alaipayuthey will fill the void in me for another 10 years, just a thought. “

P.S: I guess i got bit by the valentines day bug after all 😉